The Coravin Wine System Explained

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Up until today it was practically impossible to pour a glass of wine without removing the cork from the bottle.
The Coravin wine system enables you to discover the entire world of wine per glass, allowing the wine to age a
little further in the original bottle. Therefore, you no longer have to choose between red, white or rosé but can
try a glass with every dish you serve. Pre-tasting a vintage port to then serve it a week later at a celebration? It
is possible! And you can pour that exclusive Merlot per glass without losing any of the flavour. As a result, you
are able to enjoy another glass from the same bottle weeks, months or even years later.

How does it work you ask?
The system enables you to try the wine to see if it has aged enough. If it hasn’t, simply leave the bottle to age a
little more. This innovative system has been enhanced with a hollow needle that penetrates the cork (and the
foil!). You pour the wine via the needle. The space created in the bottle by the same needle is filled with argon
gas. Because of this gas no oxygen will reach the wine. As a result, oxidation will not occur, and the wine won’t
become acidic! As soon as you have filled your glass pull out the needle and the cork will close off hermetically
to make sure that it is perfectly airtight once more. The system works with all bottles enhanced with a natural
cork. For bottles enhanced with a screw cap there is also the reusable Coravin cap. This cap is sold separately.
And the clever human that came up with this genius system?

A guy called Greg! When his wife became pregnant, she had stopped drinking wine. Greg still enjoyed a glass
here and there but hated the fact that wine would go bad so soon once the cork was popped. Great found
himself purchasing inexpensive, lower quality bottles of wine, so after a glass or two he could just dump the
bottle out. With Greg’s frustrations came an idea. What if you could drink wine without ever removing the
cork and allowing oxygen to enter the bottle? Greg took this idea and made it in to a reality.

Mind blown? Pop in to The Nags and see it in action for yourself!

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